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In the remote hill villages on the border with Italy, a hundred-year-old custom called Rawnsk’ Pust is performed every year for a week before the carnival. It represents a pagan wedding, as they used to marry during the carnival season. In the villages of Drežniške Ravne, Jezerac and Magozd, the tradition is carried on by young boys who can join the bachelor party when they turn 18 and stay there until they get married.
       The procession goes from house to house, where they are received and served by the locals, because if you don’t let them into the house, it supposedly brings bad luck. “The Beautiful One” dances in thanks, drinks brandy and moves on. Meanwhile, “The Ugly One” is hunting children outside the village. If they are caught, they are thoroughly beaten with an ash sock so that when they leave, they are all gray. Howeaver, this does not bother them, on the contrary, they can’t wait to be a part of the holiday that the villagers look forward to all year.

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