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One late summer evening, guests in carefully selected evening toilets began to flock to one of Ljubljana's famous clubs. The sound of high heels echoed through the gloom, and the air smelled of a somewhat unusual mixture of perfumes. The clink of clinking glasses with aperitifs indicated the event, which should be taken with all the available measure of seriousness and dignity, and the red carpet spread between the wrapped rows of chairs, so that the Friday visitors will not be alone in showing off the latest fashion trends. Indeed, at the hour of truth - to the accompaniment of magnificent music - the models began to walk the catwalk and it became clear what was mixed with the scents of perfume in the air of a late summer evening. It remains less clear whether the stuffed furs in the hands of young women are to be understood as a fashion accessory, or whether those few four-legged friends who sat politely in the audience were really interested in the latest line of leashes and muzzles.

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