woodcut, linocut, high copper engraving

Miha Erič (1991, Ljubljana) is a certified visual communication designer - illustrator, graphic artist, and instrumentalist. In 2009, he completed the professional course »design technique« at the School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana. In the summer of 2013, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He was awarded the title of the certified designer of visual communications, majoring in illustration.

As a visual artist, he creates in the field of artistic graphics, every year he has at least 3 solo exhibitions, three group exhibitions, and guided workshops in high-quality printing – linocut, wood carving, and copper engraving. Periodically, every 3 years, he publishes a book of his works of art in the Orbita self-publishing house. Since 2020, together with his wife, he leads the cultural art society and gallery Salsaverde in Izola as a curator, gallerist, and idea leader, where they organize 15 exhibitions and other cultural events a year.