Dejan Mijović.jpg

Dejan Mijović
documentary photographer

Mijović (1976) has been involved in photography for more than 20 years. As a photographer, Mijović worked in various contexts, serving, among others, as the official photographer on the Navigator of the Seas passenger ship. In 2010, Mijović sustained an injury and was left completely paralyzed from the neck down. Through amazing luck, strong willpower, and lengthy rehabilitation, and driven by his as yet unfulfilled desire to pursue photography, the tetraplegic was back in the saddle and has since held several one-man shows and participated in a number of group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.

Mijović’s great flair for composition and light contrasts renders his photographs of random scenes far more than simply frozen moments in time but, rather, perceptive accounts of life stories. His black-and-white photographs, a preoccupation of recent years, aim to capture diverse moods of his closest and long-standing friends also in their most intimate moments.

He has received some major awards, most notably Third Prize at the 2014–15 NIKON Photo Contest.